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Grey Lodge owner to expand to Fox Chase 0

The former Blue Ox Bistro at 7980 Oxford Avenue in Fox Chase, where the Grey Lodge owner is expanding. Click to enlarge.

The former Blue Ox Bistro at 7980 Oxford Avenue in Fox Chase, where the Grey Lodge owner is expanding. Click to enlarge.

Mike “Scoats” Scotese, the reserved yet beloved publican behind Frankford Avenue staple Grey Lodge between Mayfair and Wissinoming, is expanding.

Scoats and his business partner Pat McGinley yesterday purchased for an undisclosed sum the historic Blue Ox Bistro, located at 7980 Oxford Avenue in Fox Chase, which has been shuttered for months. By the end of summer, Scoats says he and McGinley hope to reopen as the Hop Angel Brauhaus.

“The opportunity sort of found us, but we had an eye on the Brauhaus for a while being the only other Northeast place with a reputation for its beer selection,” Scoats, who bought the Grey Lodge in 1994, told NEast Philly. They had been looking at the location since last November but only recently went for sale.

It’s a move that will give the Northeast another serious player in Philadelphia’s ever growing beer community of micro-brewers, craft brewers, beer bars and their kin.



As real estate often goes, the Tacony native was sold on the location, noting “the village atmosphere” of Fox Chase, the pub’s proximity to the R8 Regional Rail line and nearness to neighborhood staples like Rieker’s Prime Meats.

“It’s very walkable,” Scoats said, a favorite trait of his home neighborhood five miles south.

As Beer Yard reports and Scoats confirms:

The purchase was for the business only; the building is owned by Tekla Grund, who, with her late husband Walter, ran the Blue Ox Brauhaus there for decades, and dates back to 1683, making it one year younger than the city itself. The location was noted for German beer and food for over a century. Phil Magee and a partner acquired the business in 2006, renaming and Americanizing it and keeping just a smattering of German items on the menu. That effort struggled from the start and the doors closed roughly two months ago.

Scoats says his Grey Lodge team will return the Brauhaus to a German-styled menu and follow the path of celebrating beer. He says the menu will include traditional fare like “leberkase und spiegelei,” a livercheese and fried egg dish he first fell in love with in Munich and updated items like German Mac and Cheese and fresh baked pretzels.

Scoats says he is excited about being able to try to return the Brauhaus to its former glory.

“We have done rather well when we have done Munich in Mayfair nights at the Lodge. So we know there is a demand for German beer and food,” Scoats said. “Also we have the Lodge spinning like a top at the moment so we hopefully will be able to recreate that at the Brauhaus.”

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  • Pete LaVerghetta

    Congratulations to Scoats and Patrick! We wish them the best of luck in their new endeavor. We’re really looking forward to having craft beer and great food within walking distance.

  • Jacky

    This is really cool… There are not nearly enough places to get German food in Philly. Brauhaus Shmitz is the only one I know of, and that’s a little out of the way for NEast residents. The Grey Lodge is one of my favorite bars, so I’m excited to see what these guys will do with the new place. Hopefully they will make the most of their proximity to Rieker’s too ;)

  • Trish

    I can’t wait to check it out! If it is even half as good as the Grey Lodge it will be a success.

  • Patrick Mcginley

    Yea that Pat Mcginley really knows what he is doing!!!

  • Tim Kearney

    Welcome to the 172nd Legislative District! Good luck in your new endeaver.

  • Kass Milligan

    Congratulations to Scoats and Pat. You guys are the best! When you buy an establishment, you also buy into the community and give back ten fold! You are guys are community leaders that care! I love the Grey Lodge so I know I will love the Hop Angel.

  • Stephen Phillips

    On behalf of the many community organizations in Fox Chase, I would like to wish your establishment much success, and look forward to assisting you in any way possible.

  • Stephanie

    I am very excited to hear about this… When will this place be expected to open?

  • Christopher Wink
  • Jacquie Ferretti

    Thank goodness a bar is coming closer to Bucks County that will host great tasting beers! Although we love the vibe at the Grey Lodge, we won’t miss the drive to Mayfair and we love the fact we’re now closer to a bar that will offer great food fare and truly serious beers. If the new establishment is anything like the original it’ll be a winner all day long.

    Much success to the new owners; looking forward to our first visit.

    Mark and Jacquie Ferretti

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