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  • on 17.08.2012
  • at 02:22 PM
  • by Benjamin Herold for NewsWorks

Evidence shows state-test cheating in Philadelphia schools likely far worse than previously revealed [infographic] 1


Documents obtained by NewsWorks/The Notebook show suspicious erasures on standardized tests from more than 50 public schools. NewsWorks image/Todd Vachon

Additional reporting by Dale Mezzacappa of the Public School Notebook; Infographic by Todd Vachon

The scope of the Philadelphia School District’s problem with suspicious erasures on state standardized tests is far more widespread than officials have publicly revealed.

But so far state and district investigators have launched deeper probes into suspected cheating at only a third of the 53 schools where strong evidence was found.

Confidential documents and information obtained by WHYY/Newsworks and the Public School Notebook show that many of the 53 schools were flagged across multiple grades, subjects, and years for extremely high rates of “wrong-to-right” erasures on test answer forms. The documents include results from erasure analyses conducted in 2010 and 2011, which state officials have refused to make public.

Read the rest of this story and see the infographic our partners at NewsWorks put together showing suspicious erasures on a school-by-school basis.

  • Chris Labovitz

    So,what will happen when the state comes in and takes over our school system ? Charter schools are difficult to get into and Catholic schools are closing left and right. Our future is A. Lousy B.Scary C. Great D. Questionable E. Purple answer is “C”, erase “C” and make it an “A”

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