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Judge hears arguments over Frankford Avenue methadone clinic 3


A July 2011 rally against a Holmesburg methadone clinic was the first of many efforts by the neighborhood to keep the business off Frankford Avenue. Photo/Shannon McDonald

Holmesburg Civic Association President Rich Frizell attended Wednesday’s hearing The Healing Way’s appeal to operate a methadone clinic at 7900 Frankford Ave.

During the city hearing, the state took action, as well. Sen. Mike Stack announced Wednesday a new law to “raise the bar” on methadone treatment. The law calls for a review of overdose deaths related to methadone use.

Below is Frizell’s account of the Court of Common Pleas hearing for the Holmesburg clinic.

The honorable Idee C. Fox heard oral arguments today in The Court of Common Pleas, regarding our victory in this case with the Zoning Board of Adjustment.  Both sides had already filed written briefs stating their case.

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The attorney for The Healing Way argued that the C-2 Zoning allowed this methadone clinic “by right” under the category of Medical Clinic.  He was followed an attorney representing the City of Philadelphia who spoke in favor of THW, stating that the ZBA erred in their ruling.

Phil McPhillin and Dawn Tancredi of Mattioni Ltd.,  the attorney’s representing the Appellee’s (the neighbors close enough to be able to take legal action, and Councilman Henon as their (our) representative) argued that the zoning code was written before methadone clinics were a reality, and would have been, and should be regulated.  That this law requires an amendment.

Judge Fox said that she would take the comments under advisement.  It is unknown when her ruling will be made public.

The above is a layman’s summary of about 45 minutes of testimony

There were only 10 people on our bus.  Others attended, finding their own transportation or taking time from their downtown jobs; in all about 35 people including Councilman Henon, Councilman at Large David Oh, Representative Kevin Boyle, and Representative McGheean’s staff.  Senator Stack and staff were holding a press conference at a different methadone clinic.  Not the 900 people we had at Lincoln H.S.


However the Judge rules, the case will likely be appealed to the next level.



It is very much a reality that this methadone clinic can open, and the pressure must be kept on.  Your support of those opposing it must not waiver.

  • MayfairMatt

    No one wants this clinic – I think it’s pretty clear by now.
    Hundreds, if not more, residents and business owners have already shown their distaste for this obvious potential threat to them.
    Now why would anyone still insist on pursuing this – a matter of rights?…. laws?
    No….it’s Common Consideration towards those opposed.
    And in this case, the Majority.
    Nothing to do with what “laws” or “zoning” issues… it’s about the Quality Of Life of the established residents, and their strong voice against this.
    I would think a gentleman would see this, and not force it upon others.
    So it’s obvious this “gentleman” isn’t one, and that being the case, will have continuing problems towards his business, chosen to irritate others.
    In my opinion, that’s NOT a smart business decision.

  • Susan M

    Where was the big announcement for this hearing, I would have attended because I work in town, I did not see any announcement anywhere in the neighborhood. If it was in the Northeast times it must have been a small announcement because I didn’t see it. This better not open, it will ruin our neighborhood and we can not have that happen

  • Lynda Desouza

    God bless you and stay vigilant. Look what happened to Frankford and know it could happen there too.

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