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Cottman Avenue a focus of Central Northeast planning discussion 3

Image/Philadelphia City Planning Commission

Image/Philadelphia City Planning Commission

When you think of Cottman Avenue west of the Roosevelt Boulevard, what do you picture? Heavy car traffic, lots of parking lots, several retail stores — many of which are vacant.

But when called together to help form a plan for the “Central Northeast” district late last month, the Fox Chase, Burholme, Rhawnhurst, Lexington Park, Bells Corner, Castor Gardens and Lawndale residents who attended the planning meeting envisioned a friendlier Cottman Avenue. continue reading »

Central Northeast Planning District meeting Sept. 24 0


The second of three planning meetings for neighborhoods in the Central Northeast Planning District will take place Tuesday, Sept. 24 at the Northeast Regional Branch of the Free Library, 2228 Cottman Ave.

The area includes Fox Chase, Burholme, Rhawnhurst, Lexington Park, Bells Corner and the northern edges of Lawndale and Castor Gardens, and community stakeholders are invited to the public meeting to participate in the process that will shape how these neighborhoods fit into the Philadelphia2035 master plan. continue reading »

Can I buy a house that’s not for sale? [Real NEastate] 3

Q: I saw a house around the corner in my neighborhood, Bells Corner, that was for sale last week but it is not anymore because the sign is gone. My son is looking for a house, and I am thinking that would be a great house for him. How can I find out about buying it if the owners still want to sell?

A: Just because you see that the sale sign is gone does not always mean that house did not sell. Some real estate brokerages add the “sold” riders on their sign when it is sold. Some add “sale pending” riders to their sign when the sale is pending. But others do not proclaim a property “sold” or “pending” and do not add any riders, but simply remove the sign when it’s time. continue reading »

Real NEastate: Do I qualify for a short sale? 0

Q: My hours have been cut on my job and I can’t really afford such a high mortgage anymore. I think I need to sell my house in Bells Corner, but I bought it in 2008 and I still owe more than it’s worth now. I prefer not to wreck my credit, so I am planning on doing a short sale, but I’m not sure if the bank will cooperate since I didn’t really lose my job. Under what conditions does a bank allow a short sale?

A: All mortgage lenders will have their own lender-specific conditions. For many mortgage lenders, reasons necessitating a short sale would not only include job loss, but also a decrease in hours or a decrease in wages. Some other reasons lenders might accept a short sale could be: divorce, military deployment, serious illness, death and incarceration. continue reading »

Police arrest man wanted for robbing elderly woman in Bell's Corner 0


Police have arrested a 29-year-old man in the Easter Sunday robbery of a 94-year-old woman in Bell’s Corner.

The woman was on her way home from Bell’s Market when the man crept up behind her on the 8300-block of Loretto Avenue, stealing her purse and knocking her over. She suffered a broken arm and other injuries.

Antonio Santiago of the 2200-block of Kennedy Street was arrested yesterday and charged with robbery and aggravated assault. The crime was captured on surveillance footage, which investigators used to help find the suspect.

Elderly woman robbed walking home from Bell's Corner supermarket [surveillance video] 1


This suspect is wanted for robbery in the 7th District. Image/Philadelphia Police

Police in the 7th District are looking for the man who robbed an elderly woman on her way home from the supermarket.

The 94-year-old was on the 8300-block of Loretto Avenue Sunday after a trip to nearby Bell’s Market. The suspect can be seen on surveillance video sneaking up behind the woman, knocking her over as he grabs her purse, and then running in the opposite direction. continue reading »

NEast Links: A trip to Tanzania and two car crashes 0

NEast Links: Bringing you additional Northeast news

The Mayfair car vandals struck again over night, this time letting the air out of tires on the 4000-blocks on Aldine and Teesedale streets. This time, a neighbor got a glimpse of the suspects [Fox29].

No injuries were reported Monday afternoon when a driver’s truck hit a pole and knocked down wires in Wissinoming. It’s not clear how the accident occurred [Action News].

continue reading »

Real NEastate: Should I sign another listing contract with my agent? 0

Q: My house was up for sale for a year in Bells Corner and my listing contract with my agent just expired. He wants me to sign up with him for another year, but I’m not so sure he did his job since he never sold it, even after all that time. Should I sign up for another year-long contract with this guy and give him a second chance or find another agent? I want to move.

A:  Nearly 25 percent of all home listings do not sell. The market rejects them. Homebuyers in this market either did not accept the marketing effort, the price, the condition or the location, or maybe even a combination of these crucial components to selling a home. continue reading »

Right NEast/Wrong NEast: When in doubt, Action News picks a neighborhood at random 0


We’d like a little help from our readers on this one.

Tell us how you think Action News decided 8300 Bustleton Avenue — actually in Bells Corner — is in Fox Chase.

When a car crashed into a storefront Sunday, Sept. 11, on that block, Channel 6 rushed to the scene to grab a photo and cover the story. Somewhere en route from Action News’ Main Line headquarters, it was decided the crash happened in Fox Chase. continue reading »

Police issue burglary spike alert in 7th District 0


The area between Rhawn Street, Krewstown Road, Grant Avenue and Roosevelt Boulevard has seen a spike in burglaries.

The following is a message from 7th District Capt. Joe Zaffino:

7th District residents, please be advised that there has been a spike in burglaries within the boundaries of Grant Avenue to Rhawn Street and Roosevelt Boulevard to Krewstown Road. continue reading »

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