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Hurricane Sandy knocks down trees in the Northeast [photos] 1


A tree blocks traffic and part of a home on Cresco Avenue near Rhawn Street. Photo/Lucia Volpe

Sandy blew through Philadelphia Monday with fierce winds and heavy rain. Though the city escaped relatively unscathed, the storm left residents with clean-up duties. Trees that couldn’t withstand the wind are now strewn across roads and in yards, and have left many without electricity.

After a tree branch came crashing into the side of Sally Manners’ house at 9:30 p.m. Monday, she said she was worried about waking up Tuesday morning to find extensive damage to her home. continue reading »

Police search for suspect wanted for multiple Pennypack Park rapes 0


Image/Philadelphia Police

Following the account from a third woman alleging rape on the 8000-block of Cresco Avenue in Pennypack Park, Philadelphia police have re-released the sketch of the man they believe is wanted for multiple attacks.

The sketch was first released in August after a woman told police she accepted a ride from an unknown man at 2:30 a.m. at Torresdale and Longshore avenues in Tacony and was then driven to the 8100-block of Cresco Avenue and sexually assaulted. continue reading »

Holme Circle business owner helps keep Pennypack Park beautiful 2


L to R: FOPP Vice President Linde Lauff, business owner Andy Ungaro, FOPP Vice President of Public Affairs Jim Ryan, Holme Circle resident Elsie Stevens Photo/Friends of Pennypack Park

Last Saturday, the Friends of Pennypack Park and neighbors from Holme Circle presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Andrew Ungaro, owner of Bel Air Automobile at 3301 Welsh Rd.

For the past several years, Andy has generously maintained a beautiful flora display across from his business at the entrance of Pennypack Park, Welsh Road and Cresco Avenue. continue reading »

Police sketch of Pennypack Park rape suspect released 0


A police composite sketch has been released of the man who allegedly sexually assaulted a 24 year old woman near the Pennypack Park concert series site last week. See it above.

The man, estimated to be between 25 and 35 years old is white, approximately 5’9″ with a fair complexion and thin build. At the time of the attack, he had reddish close-cut hair with a light mustache and beard.

He was allegedly driving a newer model white pick-up truck with a ladder and ladder racks in Tacony when he picked a woman up and drove her to the attack site. Read more about the attack here.

A similar assault allegedly happened in mid July on the 8000-block of Cresco Ave.


Parts of Pennypack Park to be sprayed for mosquitoes tonight 0


The area of Pennypack Park near the concert state will be spray for mosquitoes Thursday night.

Weather permitting, the city’s Department  of Public Health will apply mosquito-control treatments tonight to parts of Pennypack Park.

The targeted area gets a lot of use — the stage area where the park holds its Summer Concert Series.  Spraying will begin this evening in the park between Rhawn Street, Welsh Road, Cresco Avenue and Pennypack Creek, and that part of the park will closed then.

The department’s Vector Control staff will apply an aerosol mist that kills mosquitoes on contact, helping to prevent the spread of West Nile Virus. Anvil 10 + 10, a synthetic pyrethroid, has no residual effects and no ill effects on humans, according to the Department of Public Health. continue reading »

Woman says attacker raped her at Pennypack Park concert site 3


Police officers are investigating an alleged rape in Pennypack Park early Wednesday morning.

A woman tells authorities she was walking on the 8200-block of Cresco Avenue around 2:45 a.m. when she was approached by a man who punched her and dragged her into the park near the concert stage. continue reading »

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