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District 172: Announcing our grant project 0


Earlier this year, we announced NEast Philly would take on an investigative project through a J-Lab Enterprise Reporting Fund grant and our partnership with Philadelphia Neighborhoods.

We’ve been publishing pieces of that project throughout the year, and yesterday’s article about community building post in Mayfair capped our series. With more than 10 articles, several videos and a handful of interactive pieces under our belt, NEast Philly marks the unofficial end of the grant assignment. continue reading »

District 172: The Politics of Change After State Rep. John Perzel 0


This is part of ongoing coverage in “District 172: The Politics of Change after State Rep. John Perzel,” a collaborative effort with Philadelphia Neighborhoodsfunded by J-Lab.

In partnership with Philadelphia Neighborhoods as part of an Enterprise Reporting Fund grant from J-Lab: The Institute of Interactive Journalism, our reporters will take an in-depth look at the development and revitalization efforts in the district, specifically along the Frankford Avenue corridor in Mayfair, where Perzel concentrated his resources. continue reading »

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