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Baldi students learn about STEM through the arts [video] 0

Forces in nature Photo/Shannon Dougherty

Forces in Motion teaches Baldi students a science lesson through a performance.  Photo courtesy of Ambrose Liu

Education does not come just from textbooks anymore. Schools in Philadelphia are taking a different route and are taking students outside of the classroom in order to get the most out of their education.

Philadelphia Education Fund brought Forces In Motion to Baldi Middle School in Pine Valley last week. The performance included three dancers who put on a performance focusing on Newton’s three laws of motion, along with a video complementing the lessons taught through song and dance. continue reading »

How much will I pay for a single home in Pine Valley? [Real NEastate] 1

Q: I’m searching for a single home in the Northeast and I really like Pine Valley. What can I expect to pay for a Pine Valley single?

A: Out of 36 homes for sale currently in Pine Valley, a Northeast neighborhood with mostly singles and twins, there are a total of 29 single homes currently listed. Although the median listed price is $339,000 for single homes in Pine Valley, there is a wide variety of homes in this category in this area. continue reading »

Real NEastate: How do I find an affordable single home in Northeast Philadelphia? 1

Q: There are so many row homes for sale in Northeast Philly. I do not like row homes or twins. I want to live in a single home. Where can I find single homes for sale in Northeast Philadelphia for under $200,000? Where are the best priced singles? Where are the highest?

A: There are 247 active listings for single homes spread out throughout the Northeast. These listings range from 2-bedroom homes to 6-bedroom homes. Of these homes, 62 are listed under $200,000. continue reading »

Beating the heat at Pennypack Park [photos] 1


Fred Clemens of Mayfair relaxes on the ledge of the old pavilion by Pine Road in Pennypack Park. Photo/G. E. Reutter

Yet another heat wave has hovered over Northeast Philadelphia.

Residents of the Northeast have been beating the heat at Pennypack Park since the 1800s when beaches dotted the slow-moving creek throughout the city. The beaches are gone but the residents still seek relief from the heat in Pennypack.

I visited the park at Pine Road where the creek slips into the city from Montgomery County. The park was a bustle of activity with bikers, joggers, walkers, families and those relaxing along the creek in the shade.

Continue reading to see our slideshow of park-goers enjoying a break from the heat. continue reading »

Northeast Philly reacts: What’s your take on the Affordable Care Act decision? [slideshow] 6


"We’ve gotten out of hand," Fox Chase resident Mike Dowd said of the Affordable Care Act health mandate. "People should take personal responsibility for health care." Photo/G.E. Reutter

The pundits and politicians have had their say over the Supreme Court ruling on Health Care for over a day now. How about the regular folks? I took a walk around the 18 bus loop in Fox Chase today to gauge how people were feeling about the ruling. This was non-scientific and folks were chosen at random but, offered up opinions that seem to reflect the mood nationwide.

“From what I’ve read, I think it’s fine if it keeps me from paying for other people,” Fox Chase resident Nancy Schmidt said.

“The mandate/tax is preposterous,” Tasjae Moore of Fox Chase said. “People should always have a choice.”

And so it went this morning in Fox Chase, where opinions did abound. continue reading »

Six Northeast residents take the stage for Central High's rendition of 'West Side Story' 0


Northeast natives Mary Guarnieri and Scott Garvin in Central High's "West Side Story." Photo/G. E. Reutter

Northeast natives Mary Guarnieri of Lawndale and Scott Garvin of Chalfont shined as Maria and Tony in Central High School’s production of West Side Story on Saturday evening.

This production of West Side Story marks the second year that Central has returned to its musical theater roots and what has sprouted is a professional-level production. Actors, choreography, orchestra, set design, costumes – all punched up for this performance under the direction of Alan Bronstein and produced by Stephen Wilenski. continue reading »

Photos: Seven Mile Road Church hosts annual community party 0


Face-painters drew long lines at the Seven Mile Road Church Community Bash. Photo by George Mai.

Seven Mile Road Church in Pine Valley hosted its third annual community bash last weekend, opening its doors and grounds to the Northeast with sports, movies, face-painting, food and more.

Check out the slideshow below. continue reading »

Fox Chase Farm: the Northeast’s well-kept secret 0


The pastures roll down the side of Mount Stanley, where on most days, you will see cows grazing along the fence line. Trees line the long driveway to the barn and homestead that traces its history to 1683 and a land grant from William Penn. An active 4-H club meets weekly, caring for pigs, sheep and cows. Schools bus in students to learn about rural life on a farm and more than 18,000 people a year visit.

It is not Lancaster County, Upper Bucks County or Chester County.  The farm, Fox Chase Farm , is the only working farm in the City of Philadelphia. Located at 8500 Pine Rd., the farm is managed by the Philadelphia School District and The Fairmount Park Commission as a working educational farm with support from an active community organization, Friends of Fox Chase Farm. continue reading »

Baldi Middle School celebrates arts partnership 0

Jennifer Mazzuca’s literacy class at Baldi Middle School experiences Literacy Through Photography with Liz Gilly of Moore College of Art (L to R) Pedro Palmer, Tamia Scott, Nathaniel Carroll, Elizabeth Merrigan. Photo courtesy of ArtsRising.

Students and faculty at C.C.A. Baldi Middle School last week hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate a partnership with Abington Art Center and artist Carol Stirton-Broad. The event included an ArtSee open house with ceramic artist Stirton-Broad, Sharon Katz of the world music The Peace Train and Ellie Hutchinson of Moore College of Art & Design’s Literacy through Photography program. continue reading »

Pine Valley man dead in Southwest Phila. shooting 0


Gun-iconPolice have revealed that the 28-year-old man who was shot Tuesday in Southwest Philadelphia has died,

Michael Toll, who was shot just before 2 a.m. Tuesday at 54th and Florence streets, was found with two bullet holes in his torso, and was taken to the Hospital of University of Pennsylvania where he underwent surgery.

Toll died 11:46 a.m. yesterday. Further details surrounding the crime have not been released.

Bill Achuff contributed to this report.

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