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Northeast Philly Love Note: Stein’s Famous Deli 0

Stein's Famous Deli on Krewstown Road. Photo/Esther Fox

Stein’s Famous Deli on Krewstown Road. Photo/Esther Fox

Growing up in Jersey meant many things for me. My grandmother lived in Elkins Park (and later moved to Plymouth Meeting), and we would visit her often. During those visits, I would earmark certain things and places and always tuck them away in the back of my mind. Things like driving down I-95 to 276 and seeing the totem pole (which sadly, is no longer there) at Neshaminy Mall, driving down the Blvd by the old State Hospital (which gives me the heebee jeebee’s even now that it’s no longer standing) and stopping at Byberry Rd to buy a bag of soft pretzels from a guy who also sold roses.

There is another place from my childhood that has always stuck out in my mind (so much so that I still shop there), and that would be the Famous Deli (previously Stein Bros Famous Deli, now Steve Stein’s Famous Deli) in the Krewstown Shopping Center at Grant Avenue and Krewstown Road. continue reading »

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