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Watermain break in Mayfair 0


An eight-inch watermain broke around 5 a.m. on the 6300-block of Revere Street.

Residents of the 6300-block of Revere Street got an unpleasant wake-up call this morning: an eight-inch watermain break.

The break happened around 5 a.m. between Robbins  and Levick streets — two main traffic arteries. Water has been shut off to approximately 60 to 80 surrounding homes, but is expected to be back on by the end of today.

Watermain break in Bustleton 1

Photo courtesy of Action News.

Photo courtesy of Action News.

An early morning watermain break in Bustletonthe fifth in the Northeast since June 5 — left streets covered in water and mud.

The break happened around Lott and Birwood streets around 6 a.m. While crews worked to fix the break and clean up the mess, there is no word on the cause.

Watermain break results in Boulevard closures 0

Image courtesy of Fox29.

Image courtesy of Fox29.

A watermain burst early yesterday, shutting down portions of Roosevelt Boulevard near Southampton Road.

The break, about eight inches, occurred around 6:45 a.m. in the outside  and inside northbound lanes.

The lanes were reopened in time for the afternoon commute, but this marks the fourth watermain break in the Northeast in less than a month.

Watermain break in Rhawnhurst 0



An early morning watermain break in Rhawnhurst rerouted traffic as water and mud filled the street.

The break occurred where Summerdale Avenue and Langdon Street change names near the intersection of Faunce Street behind Northeast High School. continue reading »

Watermain break shuts down portion of State Road 0

Image courtesy of Action News.

Image courtesy of Action News.

An early morning watermain break sent a plume of water 100 feet into the air, causing a portion of State Road to shut down.

Around 7 a.m., a main on the 8500-block of State Road in Holmesburg burst, and the pressure resulted in what looked like a geyser spouting from the road. continue reading »

Weekend new briefs: 6/4-6/6 0


newsSaturday — A multi-vehicle car accident shut down a portion of northbound I-95 just between Cottman Avenue and Academy Road. As many as six cars were involved, and three people were hospitalized following the accident, which happened around 7:30 p.m.

A watermain break shut down portions of Cottman and Rising Sun avenues in Burholme yesterday. The 20-inch break, which occurred on the 7200-block of Oakley Street, was discovered around 5 a.m. Several thousand gallons of water poured into the street, though no one in the neighborhood lost water. The areas shut down were:

  • Cottman Avenue between Oxford Avenue and Oakley Street
  • Rising Sun Avenue between St. Vincent Street and Cottman Avenue

Right NEast/Wrong NEast: confirmation that Action News doesn’t read NEast Philly 4

Back in October, we featured a Right NEast/Wrong NEast calling out Action News for misreporting a neighborhood. The break, which happened on the 2800-block of Willits Road near Holme Circle, reportedly happened in Torresdale.

Though Right NEast/Wrong NEast is a popular feature on NEast Philly, we don’t pretend the big news outlets read every word we write. As if we needed confirmation of that, Action News has made the error once again. continue reading »

Watermain break off Holme Avenue 0

The early morning scene of a watermain break off Holme Avenue at Willits Road. Photo Courtesy of CBS3.

The early morning scene of a watermain break off Holme Avenue at Willits Road. Photo Courtesy of CBS3.

Maintenance crews were called yesterday after a watermain broke on Willits Road just above Holme Avenue near the Academy Gardens/Holme Circle border.

The break happened around 6 a.m., and while crews were able to repair the break, the water flow turned the intersection into a sheet of ice. NEast Philly staffers reported the street was still closed at 11 a.m.

This is the third break break in the area in the last six months; the first happened in July, just one block away, and a second occurred in October just a few blocks away at Willits and Ashton roads.

Right NEast/Wrong NEast: Action News’ double whammy 0

Action News must have been in a rush last week to get a story together about an eight inch watermain break on Willits Road near Holme Circle, because the report that appeared on the Web site had two major location errors.

The writer reported the break happened in Torresdale, then went on to say it occurred on the 2800-block of Willits Street. Willits Street doesn’t exist, but if did, wouldn’t be in Torresdale, since the block intersects with Ashton Road, a good distance from the rough Academy Gardens/Torresdale borders.

Once again, speed takes precedence over accuracy, and the Northeast takes a hit.

Outside media don’t care about the Northeast. We have all seen them misuse, misspell and mistake our neighborhoods and our streets, so we at NEast Philly wanted to do something about it. When they get it wrong, we set it right in a segment we like to call Right NEast/Wrong NEast.

Watermain break on Willits Road 0


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Multiple homes are without water pressure, and others have several feet of water inside them after a watermain broke on the 2800-block of Willits Road near Ashton Road in the Holme Circle area.

Two houses were evacuated as crews tried to repair the damage on the heavily-traveled street.

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